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How do you blog during the school year?

You don’t. Ha.
I’m here. Still.
I’ve been flipping. I’ve been teaching. I’ve been changing. I think I’ll be able to reflect over Thanksgiving break.


Building Content

I will begin creating content this weekend and posting videos this week.



I’ve been incredibly busy. Well, as busy as I can handle being right now.

I have two presentations to put together: One for Edmodo and one for the Flipped ELA Classroom.

The presentation for the Edmodo session is complete. The other for the Flipped ELA Classroom is in progress.

Then it’s time to get into the PBLU project I need to modify for use in my classroom.

A meatier blog post is coming later this week. I’ll make sure it’s extra introspective.

The Importance of a Collaborative Environment

When I first started teaching in 2006, I was met with an English Department of about 25. As you all know, being a new teacher can be daunting, but that feeling is multiplied when you are a replacement halfway through the year. I figured that I would be able to meet with the other English teachers and collaborate, similarly to how you do in college.

The first mandated collaborative meeting for our department happened every Wednesday right after school. The first went something like this . . .

Veteran teacher #1: We do it like this because it’s right. I’m not changing it.
Veteran teacher #2: Yeah. There is no point in reinventing the wheel!
Me: Would you mind explaining the standards we are covering so I can make sure I am doing it right?
Veteran teacher #3: Just read the lesson plan. You can figure it out. Continue reading

Studying and thinking

                                                                                               Photo: Charlie Eisenhood

I’ve been studying for the past week for my upcoming test. I’m not feeling particularly confident. I’m a terrible test taker.

I was able to use Quizlet and link the cards I made to the Flashcardlet app. Those have been helping.

I am excited though to return to my Flipping journey though.

And so it begins

I decided to start a blog to keep track of my thought process as a I make the change from the traditional classroom model to the “flipped” classroom model.

As of right now, I am excited, curious, nervous and hopeful.

I think this is the way to go. We shall see.