I am finally back to normal. Well, sort of. I have a little soreness left, but nothing that will deter me from being productive anymore.


There has been A LOT of discussion regarding the Google 20% project and how it could/can lend itself to student involvement/achievement/ownership etc. I think it’s an interesting idea, but how it will work, well, that’s a lot to think about.

The basic premise is that Google affords it’s employees 20% of their contract working time to explore their personal interests without penalty. Some of the greatest Google inventions have resulted from this 20% time, including Gmail.

Cool idea, right?

So, why not offer that same opportunity to our students? The students are always open to share their personal opinions about what they would like to study or what they think would be “better” than what they are being asked to do. If we provide them the opportunity to explore and investigate, what could happen?

I want to introduce this idea, but I do have a few concerns . . .

1. How can I assist with finding a unique ELA pathway for each project with the number of students I have?

2. If the project is heavy on the use of technology and I do not have that in my classroom on a daily basis, how will that impact their project if it requires it? (Something that requires specific software or a laptop/desktop)

3. How can this project be assessed?

4. Will this be overkill on top of everything else that a 9th grader encounters their first year of school?

Here are some examples of some that have attempted this project already: 20% Project, GAT Project

Any responses/suggestions would be great.

If you are interested in more of this dialogue, check out Cheryl Morris’ and Kate Petty’s blog posts on this topic.


I have started working with Kate Baker and Nira Daley to create a video library of Flipped video content that is aligned with the Common Core for 9th grade. Once we have it up and going, we will be happy to share.


I am excited that I will be hanging out with Kate Petty when she comes through town. She is working on a ton of awesome projects and I think I can definitely benefit from some face-to-face educational coffee talk.

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