My cat, Annie, participates in solidarity.

So, in case you missed it, I’m in the hospital. After the stomach pains I experienced on Sunday and Monday, I decided I needed to see the doctor. It was after 5 p.m. And urgent care said I needed to go the ER.

Long story short, I had my appendix removed. My first surgery completed and everything seems ok so far, which I guess is good for a 29-year old.

While laying in bed (thank goodness for the iPad and wireless), I realized I was annoyed, not at the pain, but that the pain was keeping me from my school plans. But, I did come up with some ideas.

1. The process paper for the PBL can now be 1/2 verbal. I like the concept that Cheryl Morris and Andrew Thomasson are using for their Flipped classroom, but I know my students would not be able to handle it as 9th graders, nor would it be the kind of instruction they enjoy. But, I want them to have the kinds of experiences that these two educators are having. How this will look now, I’m not sure, but it’s a step in the right direction (I think). I also lends to a more authentic piece of work and more flipped.

2. I need to make a master list of technologies for them to use. I want them to gain mastery of at least (2) free online presentation-minded resources each quarter. This may require them to learn a little crowding, but I believe they can handle it.

3. Haiku, Open Class or Edmodo? Which will I use to host my classes? I think I may be leaning towards the first two . . .

So, my planning will probably be on hold until next week. I’ll try to blog. Please leave any suggestions for any of the above.

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