Sidelined and “What is PBL?”

I have some weird stomach cramp thing, so I did not go to school today. I decided I should still do something, so I mocked up my “What is PBL?” project plan. I’m satisfied with it at this point. But, I’d appreciate any feedback.

What is PBL?

It’s not a ridiculous amount of flipped material, due to the fact that it’s only the second week of school with freshmen. I figure I should ease them into it. But the process paper will allow them to truly reflect and understand the difference between a traditional project and a Project-Based Learning project.

Their spring project will be much more flipped!

Tomorrow, I am going to try and come in to school to get things done regarding my two other units.

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  1. Hi! I’m sure I’ll learn more during the PBL class in the next few weeks but, is this something that you would hand out at the beginning of each project/unit? Is this project only 3 days or is there more other than the timeline listed?

  2. Hey Kate,

    Great question. The project lasts about a month on an A/B block rotation.

    I do not hand this out to the students. We conduct an opening event, which is actually the first class for PBLU (, and a checklist of required tasks to be completed.

    In the past I dictated deadlines for each task, but this time I will allow them to choose what to finish at their own pace.

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