Battle Plan

I completed the JEA CJE test today. It was rough. I am a terrible test-taker. But, I hope all is well and I pass.

I went through my calendar today and started scheduling my time to complete the tasks I WANT to complete, not necessarily NEED to complete.

Tomorrow, I am going to finish creating the transition document for my district to convert the traditional curriculum into the virtual model. This should not be taxing, but time-consuming.

Friday, I am planning my PBL. The goal is to have the students learn about the process, while teaching the class about inferences, as they are the first standard we are to teach as part of our pacing guide. Two birds, one stone.

Next week is Flip week. I can accomplish nothing at home. I recently purchased Alice: Madness Returns, and I am waiting to watch some documentaries from Netflix. Therefore, I will accomplish not procrastinating by locking myself in my classroom at school. I plan to complete the following:

1. “How to use Edmodo for ELA” Professional Development presentation
2. “Flipping your Classroom the ELA Way” Professional Development presentation
3. “PBL 101” project plan
4. “The Hunger Games” Unit Plan (Full-flip)
5. “Into the Wild” Unit Plan (Full-flip)

I will be posting the documents as I create them.

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