Day One

I can’t believe that it’s already July! But, I should be happy that it’s only July.

I went to school today thinking I would only be there for an hour – I left eight hours later.

I managed to finish the rubrics for the Journalism contest I am helping coordinate and to start dabbling with the flipping websites I have been signing up for.

I am going to be starting the Flipping with my “What is PBL?” project. PBL is a major focus at our school and the 9th graders need to understand the in’s and out’s of the process. I think I am going to identify the standards, write the project, and then begin the flip process.

I did try and dabble with the TED Flipping YouTube Option, but it was not allowing me to activate the quiz function. I sent an email to their service department, so hopefully it is resolved.

I set up my Collaborize Classroom site. That was much easier. Now, I just need to wait until I have members to set up the groups. But, I think my first video might be a tutorial for how to sign-up, as I can foresee that as a stumbling block.

Off to Uncharted 3. I deserve a break.

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