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“What is the Flipped Model?”

After about ten hours and lots of “learning experiences,” I have finally finished the introductory video for my “ELA Flipped Classroom” presentation next week. I hope that this is a video that you can share with your colleagues to introduce the dialogue about this mindset/pedagogy/methodology/(insert your term here) as you start this upcoming school year.



I’ve been incredibly busy. Well, as busy as I can handle being right now.

I have two presentations to put together: One for Edmodo and one for the Flipped ELA Classroom.

The presentation for the Edmodo session is complete. The other for the Flipped ELA Classroom is in progress.

Then it’s time to get into the PBLU project I need to modify for use in my classroom.

A meatier blog post is coming later this week. I’ll make sure it’s extra introspective.


I am finally back to normal. Well, sort of. I have a little soreness left, but nothing that will deter me from being productive anymore.


There has been A LOT of discussion regarding the Google 20% project and how it could/can lend itself to student involvement/achievement/ownership etc. I think it’s an interesting idea, but how it will work, well, that’s a lot to think about.

The basic premise is that Google affords it’s employees 20% of their contract working time to explore their personal interests without penalty. Some of the greatest Google inventions have resulted from this 20% time, including Gmail.

Cool idea, right? Continue reading


My cat, Annie, participates in solidarity.

So, in case you missed it, I’m in the hospital. After the stomach pains I experienced on Sunday and Monday, I decided I needed to see the doctor. It was after 5 p.m. And urgent care said I needed to go the ER.

Long story short, I had my appendix removed. My first surgery completed and everything seems ok so far, which I guess is good for a 29-year old.

While laying in bed (thank goodness for the iPad and wireless), I realized I was annoyed, not at the pain, but that the pain was keeping me from my school plans. But, I did come up with some ideas. Continue reading

Sidelined and “What is PBL?”

I have some weird stomach cramp thing, so I did not go to school today. I decided I should still do something, so I mocked up my “What is PBL?” project plan. I’m satisfied with it at this point. But, I’d appreciate any feedback.

What is PBL?

It’s not a ridiculous amount of flipped material, due to the fact that it’s only the second week of school with freshmen. I figure I should ease them into it. But the process paper will allow them to truly reflect and understand the difference between a traditional project and a Project-Based Learning project.

Their spring project will be much more flipped!

Tomorrow, I am going to try and come in to school to get things done regarding my two other units.

The Importance of a Collaborative Environment

When I first started teaching in 2006, I was met with an English Department of about 25. As you all know, being a new teacher can be daunting, but that feeling is multiplied when you are a replacement halfway through the year. I figured that I would be able to meet with the other English teachers and collaborate, similarly to how you do in college.

The first mandated collaborative meeting for our department happened every Wednesday right after school. The first went something like this . . .

Veteran teacher #1: We do it like this because it’s right. I’m not changing it.
Veteran teacher #2: Yeah. There is no point in reinventing the wheel!
Me: Would you mind explaining the standards we are covering so I can make sure I am doing it right?
Veteran teacher #3: Just read the lesson plan. You can figure it out. Continue reading

Battle Plan

I completed the JEA CJE test today. It was rough. I am a terrible test-taker. But, I hope all is well and I pass.

I went through my calendar today and started scheduling my time to complete the tasks I WANT to complete, not necessarily NEED to complete.

Tomorrow, I am going to finish creating the transition document for my district to convert the traditional curriculum into the virtual model. This should not be taxing, but time-consuming.

Friday, I am planning my PBL. The goal is to have the students learn about the process, while teaching the class about inferences, as they are the first standard we are to teach as part of our pacing guide. Two birds, one stone.

Next week is Flip week. I can accomplish nothing at home. I recently purchased Alice: Madness Returns, and I am waiting to watch some documentaries from Netflix. Therefore, I will accomplish not procrastinating by locking myself in my classroom at school. I plan to complete the following:

1. “How to use Edmodo for ELA” Professional Development presentation
2. “Flipping your Classroom the ELA Way” Professional Development presentation
3. “PBL 101” project plan
4. “The Hunger Games” Unit Plan (Full-flip)
5. “Into the Wild” Unit Plan (Full-flip)

I will be posting the documents as I create them.